Terms and Conditions


The 5 Stacks Method website and virtual summer camp provide engaging content intended for children. The content provided is intended to be informative and is in no way or fashion to be taken as financial advice or financial recommendations. Children under the age of 18 accessing this site must do so with adult consent and/or supervision. We shall not be held liable for any losses or other consequences suffered due to actions taken based on content from this website or content provided during the virtual summer camp. 

Virtual Summer Camp

These Terms and Conditions are intended to keep campers safe and make The 5 Stacks Camp virtual program positive and productive. By purchasing, using, or allowing your child to participate in the virtual camp, you agree that you and your child will abide and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

I. Code of Conduct

I agree that I have read through, understand, and agree that I and my student will be held to the Code of Conduct set forth below. I also agree that I have reviewed the Code of Conduct with my child. I understand that I and my child must act in a way that is in keeping with the Code of Conduct and that my child's registration can be canceled if either of our actions or attitudes seem to be harmful to other participants, or staff, in the opinion of The 5 Stacks Camp staff. I and my student understand that The 5 Stacks Camp reserves the right to cancel my child's registration without any prior warning for violating any of the terms of the Code of Conduct.

No refunds will be given for registration canceled for student or guardian failure to comply by the Code of Conduct. 


  1. engage in or threaten violence;

  2. bully, intimidate, or harass others;

  3. use this service, or materials provided as part of this service for other activities without written permission;

  4. use inappropriate language;

  5. share program curriculum information with third-parties, without written permission from instructors;

  6. impersonate another person;

  7. publicly display any virtual program session(s);

  8. display or play within the hearing of other campers any inappropriate material (including sexual content, inappropriate violence, racism, bullying, etc.) during the program;

  9. record videos/images of students and program in session.



  1. abide by the rules and regulations of the instructors;

  2. attend any virtual program in an appropriate, private setting;

  3. dress appropriately during program sessions;

  4. adhere to the terms of use of any sites used, including following the specified age policies; and

  5. only share material that is related to the program, and appropriate.


II. Programs General Information

  1. Program sessions are run on a set calendar (fixed dates and times). 

  2. All spots will be filled on a first come first served basis

  3. The camp fees are refundable within 7 days of registration and payment, but are non-refundable if the session begins in 2 weeks or less from the date of registration and payment. Missed sessions will be forfeited and cannot be made up or refunded. No refunds will be made for unused portions.

  4. If in an unforeseen circumstance that one of our programs has to be canceled due to emergency or circumstances out of our control, we will offer placement for a later date or issue a full refund.

  5. Only children registered for the program may participate.

  6. Programs will only be taught in English.

  7. For privacy reasons there will be no video recordings of the sessions. Read our full privacy policy here.

  8. The 5 Stacks Camp has the right to refuse service.

  9. There may be a minimum level of supplies, equipment and service requirements that are essential to completing the virtual summer camp. For example:

    1. A computer with functioning camera, mic, and audio

    2.  Adequate internet service

    3. Paper, pencils, pens

    4. Ability to access virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Teams.


III. Contacting Instructor & Other Campers

Campers and parents/guardians should be aware that under no circumstances should campers give their personal contact information to staff or other campers, nor is staff allowed to give campers or parents/guardians their personal contact information. Other than during the program, Staff is not permitted to communicate privately with, give out personal contact info to, or become social media friends with campers. Campers may choose to exchange online game profiles (e.g. Roblox names) with other campers with their parents/guardians approval.