The Investing Stack helps us grow our money! 

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1. Buy stocks

2. Invest in a business

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Investing means being an owner or a shareholder. That means we are investing our money to be part of a business or opportunity that will give us a higher value in the future.


  • Rate of Return: The additional amount you can expect to grow your money in 1 year. It is expressed as a percentage. For example, a 5% rate of return means you can expect your money to grow by 5% in 1 year. If you invest $100, by the end of 1 year your money will grow by $5, and your new amount would be $105.

  • Shares: A piece of a business that you can own by investing some money.

  • Shareholder: A person who owns shares; an investor.

  • Stock Market: A physical and electronic place where shares are bought and sold.

  • Stock: Offered by businesses to investors as a way to raise money. The investors become shareholders or part owners of the business.

  • Bonds: A way for businesses or governments to borrow money from investors for projects. In exchange they pay interest monthly, semi-annually, or annually. At the end of a specified time, the borrowed money is returned to the investor.

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