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March Activity: Become an Entrepreneur

Business Idea

Imagine starting a business. What would your business be about?

Things to Consider

  • Something you enjoy doing or are interested in doing

  • Will you provide a service or sell a product?

  • What do you think people need?

  • Who would you like your business to help?

  • What problem would your business solve?

  • Who would be your customer(s)?

  • How many different options would you offer?

  • How would you collect money from your customers?

  • How much would you ask your customers to pay?

Business Name

What name would you choose for your business?

Things to Consider

  • Cool and catchy

  • Easy to remember

  • Let's everyone know what your business is about

  • Could be named after someone special to you

  • Should be unique!

  • Something that tells a bit about who you are

Getting Started

You have a great business idea and the perfect name for your business ... what's next?

Things to Consider

  • Make a list of the supplies your business needs

  • Let everyone know about your business (for example, you could make fliers and take them to your neighbors. Make sure you get your parents' permission!)

  • Start making your product, or provide service to your first customer!

  • Use the Business Calculator to calculate your profit

  • Use the 5 Stacks Calculator to manage your profit wisely.