Raising Money Savvy Kids

In the summer of 2021, My 9-year-old daughter came up with a great idea to earn money: clean neighbors' cars. Before long she had a few customers and not surprisingly, she started making plans to spend all the money she earned!

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The 5 Stacks Method is an easy way for kids to learn about money and how to be smart with it. Kids are naturally curious about money: how to earn it, how to keep it safe, and of course, how to spend it!

This site gives them the tools, activities, and ideas to help them explore and learn about money and being smart with it.

9-year-old Nadia got her first taste of earning money when she started cleaning cars in the neighborhood.

She talks about starting a business, how the 5 Stacks Method developed, and real-life examples of how she applies it to managing her money.

What Are The 5 Stacks?


Giving to others in need helps them and feels good!

Ways to use your Giving Stack:

1. Donate to charity

2. Donate to a local group or organization

3. Buy food and clothes for a collection center


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The Growing Stack helps us improve and get better! 

Ways to use your Growing Stack:

1. Learn something new

2. Buy supplies for your business

3. Get better at a skill you already have

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Building Robot Vehicle

The Spending Stack is the fun stack! 

Ways to use your Spending Stack:

1. Buy fun things you want

2. Buy gifts for friends and family

3. Add it to one of the other stacks

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The Saving Stack helps us prepare for a rainy day! 

Ways to use your Saving Stack:

1. Grow your savings balance

2. Plan for a big purchase

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The Investing Stack helps us grow our money! 

Ways to use your Investing Stack:

1. Buy stocks

2. Invest in a business

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